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Raised in Melbourne Australia, Stuart’s mostly self-employed life has provided its fair share of highs and lows. His life story in the book easily resonates. Stuart first became an Australian Surf Lifesaver in the 1980’s. It is a passion that he still fulfills to this day. His desire to save lives now includes this book. The Just One Reason suicide prevention toolkit is the product of his out of the box thinking and willingness to help others. Stuart takes pride in putting others first and bares his soul publicly about his personal battle with suicidal thoughts and depression. This book reveals Stuart’s own strategy for beating your inner demons and offers a powerful and very easy solution to a world problem that is getting worse, not better.
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Toolkit is described in dictionaries like this: “a set of tools, especially one kept in a bag or box and used for a particular purpose“.

This book is your toolkit. A well designed and made tool will last for years and continue to serve its purpose. This book was written, designed and printed with the exact same philosophy. Depression, Sadness, Thoughts of Self Harm, are often recurring thoughts in your life. This robust book has been created to stand the test of time and best of all help keep you standing tall! This is your new lifelong tool kit! Please stay well and enjoy!
Based on Stuart's 'lived experience' with deep depression and multiple suicide plans, Stuart began to realise each time he was almost at the end, that he always found a reason to live. A pattern continued whereby it became noticeable to him that having Just One Reason was enough to get him through his darkest moments. This pattern seeded the concept of Just One Reason as a suicide survival toolkit. Based entirely on his lived experience Stuart wrote Just One Reason with several strategies in play for the book to be very user friendly. Since being released in August 2020, Just One Reason is now into its 5th reprint and is a go-to resource for 1000's of families and is widely used by Clinicians, Schools, Hospitals, Emergency services & Indigenous communities and State Government Health departments. Stuart regularly gives powerful talks to groups of all sizes and is highly regarded for the immediate impact he has on his audience.
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Suicide and Mental Health matters such as depression are global problems. A global problem, requires a global solution. This ground breaking, game changing book is a new, effective, affordable, non-medicinal global solution. Less than 20% of the world’s 7.5 billion inhabitants can speak or read English. This is why we aim to have this book translated into many languages!! It is vital the new community of Just One Reason readers becomes that first ripple in the ocean. If it is to be, it is up to thee. One by one, we can make a huge difference globally. Every purchase of Just One Reason help the word to get out and spread across the globe! Please, help alter the course of suicide forever!
Hello Friend,

Thank you for dropping into Just One Reason. I genuinely hope you are ok!

It’s a tough gig being in a space where you need this book! I honestly wish I could take a magic pill just once and never need my own book ever again! Part of writing my book is that I felt I needed a  solution to keep myself safe. For me, this is very sustainable long term. Putting my feelings and Just One Reason solution in writing seemed like the best option.
As it turns out, my strategy can help anyone. Even you!

After my book was finally printed and I gave the first copy to my Mum, she revealed even more of her own personal situation to me. I already knew a lot, however, the book opened up even more dialogue than I had ever had with her before. Mum said to me that she wishes a book like this had been available for her when she was in her darkest spaces. To hear this from my Mum, not only pulled on every heartfelt string to feel her pain, it was also the highest compliment my book could ever get!

Since I have started sharing my book, I have been so encouraged by the immediate impact the book is having and how much the conversations have changed within families already. It seems the book is a fabulous way to have a conversation in a space that has for too long been off limits.

This little book gives the reader ‘Hope’! Hope that life will be ok, hope that the reader can use the simple technique contained in this book to keep themselves alive.

One of the biggest powers of my book is the size and format! The books principle purpose is to be a toolkit in your hour of need. Therefore, it stands to reason to make the book practical in size so you can carry it with you 24/7 if you feel the need. A book that gets carried daily also needs to be super strong! After all, if this book is your new fireside friend, you want it to last and last!

I am 100% confident you will get more than enough out of this unique resource and it will serve you very well. Please stay strong and standing upright!

Take care of you!
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