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Just One Reason has many amazing people doing amazing things behind the scene helping us grow as an organisation. Many of our readers are also doing amazing things in their local community to help others with mental health. This page is dedicated to these people. Please have a read about these amazing people. 

For privacy reasons some persons have chosen to only have their initials displayed. Many great people working quietly behind the scenes who seek no recognition. However, I really admire these people and would like them to have some recognition.

Ingrid Ozsol

Ingrid, is one of the world's very special people. Her passion for helping people is almost bottomless. Her passion even effects her own health at times. Since the launch of my book we have become very good friends, yet, due to Covid, we've still never met. Ingrid has been a mountain of support sine the launch of my book and has helped open many doors for Just One Reason. As a member of SPA, you just know that the world's suicide problem is going to get better with amazing humans like Ingrid leading the way!


The Salvos have long been dear to my heart. When Melanie contacted me about my book, little did I know a wonderful friendship would commence. Melanie tirelessly works in her local community on the East Coast of Tasmania and continuously hands out free copies of my book, wristband and coins. Mel has also continued to be the books Ambassador to The Salvation Army right across Australia. Thanks loads Melanie. Cheers Stuart


Bernice, is best friends with one of my longest and best friends. I came to know Bernice because of the book. Since the release of my book Bernice has continued to be an Ambassador of Just One Reason. Bernice is one amazing woman! Super strong, yet the skill of and empathy of Mother Theresa! I asked Bernice after she had been a member of our online Just One Reason private Facebook support group. The group is free of charge, free of judgement, and a totally safe space. As the group grew in size Bernice continued to step up. So much so that Bernice has been the driving force and moderator of the group for more than a year. The group is now at almost 1200 members and saves lives daily through the shared loving care of other members. Bernice you truly are an angel!! Cheers Stu

Mark - RM Williams

Mark, kindly offered to review Just One Reason in the famous RM Williams Outback Australia magazine. The review was amazing!! One of Just One Reasons readers contacted me to advise my book had been featured in RM Williams crossword in the August 2021 edition. Amazing to see my book at 22 Down!! Cheers Stuart

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