Stuart encourages journalists from around the world to reach out. In addition to the book, Stuart has a plethora of real-life stories about his continual journey with depression and thoughts of suicide. Podcasts are also an effective way to gain further information from him. Stuart encourages members of the media who would like to talk, to please reach out by sending an email to [email protected].
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Brisbane, Australia, For Immediate Release – For individuals looking for a powerful suicide prevention resource and strategy, the mental health-focused book ‘Just One Reason’ provides a simple technique to combat thoughts of suicide. Written by Australian based author, Stuart ONeill, the mental health toolkit is based on Stuart’s own experiences and is aimed at delivering effective solutions to its readers in a short amount of time. 

Easily readable in 10-15 minutes, the book is pocket sized and packed with straight forward non-medical based information designed to help its readers through their darkest hours. ‘Just One Reason’ is available in Hardcover and is built to last the reader as lifetime, can be shipped globally, and can be purchased through 

Oneill advised there will be a crowdfunding campaign soon, which will be used to produce ‘Just One Reason’ in many languages, therefore expanding its resources to an even larger audience. Globally non-English speaking people are suiciding more than ever before. It is vital this resource is produced in multiple languages urgently! 

Within days of the first books being purchased, feedback from parents, partners started to roll in in with very personal messages to me advising the book has already had an instant impact!! One reader advised this is a HUGE little book and her lifeline already!

Stuart had this to say about his book: “Every 39 seconds our world loses someone to suicide, it is usually a male.” This needs to stop. 

This book is raw, emotional, and unfiltered, and is by far “the most important project I’ve worked on in my entire life.” An Australian Medical Practitioner stated It’s written by a man who has personally experienced what the readers of this book are going through.” 

Oneill says “I’d had enough, and was ready to check out, but I was lucky because I came up with a reason not to. That’s all it took, just one reason, and so it became the name of this book.” 

Just One Reason is the ideal resource for those who need an easily digestible and focused self-help solution. The book is small and discreet in size, extremely durable, and most importantly contains content written from a lived experience.

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