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Being aware of your 'One Reason' is so important! This beautiful coin can be carried everywhere with you.

The weight and feel of a Just One Reason coin is a very clever and unique tool.

Each coin comes in a clear protective case.

Only $9.50 with any book purchase.


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Carry Strength and Inspiration Everywhere with the Just One Reason Coin!

In times of darkness, your "One Reason" can be your guiding light. The Just One Reason Coin is a beautiful and unique tool designed to accompany you on your journey.

  • Portability: This coin is small enough to carry with you everywhere. It's a tangible reminder of your "One Reason" wherever you go.
  • Weight and Feel: The coin's weight and feel are carefully crafted to provide a sense of security and inspiration.
  • Protective Case: Each coin comes in a clear protective case to keep it safe and accessible.

The Just One Reason Coin is more than a keepsake; it's a source of strength and resilience that you can carry in your pocket. It's a constant reminder that you have a reason to keep moving forward.


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